Geo-information that meets all your needs and requirements? – We develop one-stop remote sensing solutions cost effective, portable, flexible and custom-tailored!

We are facing a period of increasing demands on geoinformation and whose quality, relevance, timeliness, and availability paired with dwindling funds for its purchase . Exactly this gap fills Südwest-® Geocopter at the right time with innovative technology and extensive as well as profound know how.

Robotics and machine intelligence open up new perspectives for provision of information with revolutionary software and hardware technology

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – can be navigated by an operator or fly autonomously using GPS waypoint navigation. High resolution digital camera, daylight video camera, low-light camera b/w, thermal imaging camera and other optional sensors such as laser scanners or physical measuring devices are available for recording. Since these “drones” even reach the most inaccessible areas and provide aerial photography in excellent quality, they are increasingly being used for maintenance of technical systems, in natural disasters, for environmental monitoring, construction projects, and infrastructure planning as well as the leisure, tourism and entertainment sector. On the basis of aerial photographs of highly sensitive thermal imaging cameras, for example, signs of wear and possible damage to industrial facilities can be assessed. With video cameras, aerial views for television films, documentaries or maintenance purposes can be created.

We know that geo-information has not been sufficiently available whenever needed! – We provide customized information retrieval at any time at any place from any perspective!

For the first time, it is technically possible to offer fast and easy to realize remote sensing solutions with revolutionary UAV platforms for image acquisition and advanced tools for image processing and evaluation the so-called ” value adding “. The concept of a UAV for civilian use is a striking innovation in the area of remote sensing. It is convincing and makes use of very latest technology professional and easier than ever before for cost-effective, highly efficient method of state detection, representation, planning or evaluation. Observation and monitoring tasks can be rationalized application independent.