Data Acquisition

Motif shots and video production

fin_pictureWith the help of a video downlink to the ground station, the customer decides on the live image, and the perspective of the target. Various camera systems are used in this case for a professional representation of close-ups, panoramas or video production. This technology enables new ways of presenting and marketing in the field of real estate, tourism, leisure and events.

Orthophotos on Coordinate Reference

fin_orthoScientific and economic planning projects are increasingly dependent on actual and accurate location reference. Ad hoc data acquisition enables orthophotos on demand , eg within certain growing seasons, phases of construction or harmful events. According to the requirement orthophotos can be created in any area extension . With the technology used resolutions and position accuracies can be offered in the range of a few millimeters accuracy.

3D models and terrain models

fin_3dAn extensive expertise and the use of modern computing techniques allow the transformation of high resolution aerial images in spatial point clouds. On the basis of geo-referencing, these convert into highly accurate 3D models with resolutions in the centimeter range. Tailor-made for the particular application such as Route planning, hydraulic engineering, forest inventory or risk assessment, valuable data and information can thus be obtained .

Vertical and horizontal profiles of environmental parameters

fin_sensorUnique flying skills and navigation capabilities allow a collection of profiles and time series of environmental parameters such as immissions / emissions. The UAV can be equipped as an efficient carrier platform with various sensors and can acquire data of rather inaccessible, sensitive or contaminated areas. One-time inventories, as well as continuous monitoring tasks can be realized with an environmentally friendly technology .