Data Analysis and Value Adding

Documentation and condition assessment

fin_kartierungOn the basis of extensive, long-standing expertise and using advanced software tools, timely and detailed, large scale thematic maps can be created from UAV aerial images. So created the situation and site plans, panoramic maps, GIS layers in raster or vector format serve as site plans, tour and recreational maps, forestry maps, ecological inventory and condition maps different application areas as information, basis for documentation and planning.



fin_monitoringThe mobile and highly flexible capabilities of a UAV allow the generation of time series at almost any definable time points corresponding to user’s requirements. Thus, Geocopter is an ideal instrument for monitoring and evaluation tasks in forestry, agricultural and environmental matters such as game damage, damage caused by hail, snow, storm, pest calamities, air pollution or human interference of any kind.

Analysis, modeling and forecasting

fin_inventurThe basis of UAV image series and the most modern tools of geoinformatics and database design enables the analysis of conditions and developments; e.g. the modeling of complex thematic relationships and forecasting of future developments in risk assessment for natural hazards like landslides, avalanche hazard or erosion processes as well as the monitoring and control of environmental significant interventions or the creation of scenarios as a basis for private and public investment.